Software Engineer/Mathematician

Toby Jones

  • Member of the core team that developed a new hybrid golf-cart racing game.
  • Created the physics engine for playing the golf.
  • Implemented a navigation system that allowed artists to build meshes in Maya that the AI could use to determine how to navigate throughout the world.
  • Designed an algorithm that used normal mapping to create realistic looking ripples for water within the game engine.

Cool Boarders : SOld out (Cancelled Title)

  • Upgraded snowboarding physics engine.
  • Created physics and display for a trampoline simulation training room for learning tricks.
  • Implemented a replay system that allowed users to see the entire race recreated.

MY Street : Europe

  • Because of a lack of memory encountered in the transition to Europe, converted the entire animation system, including export and import, as well as run-time interpolation, from using matrices to quaternions. This allowed us to reduce the animation data sizes by at least 50 percent, and freed up memory for other uses with no noticeable impact on performance.

Teed Off (Prototype)

Neopets : The darkest Fairie

  • Designed and developed all phases of an inverse kinematic animation system, starting from setting up the characters in Maya, through export, and into the game engine. Because of the way movement in the game was based on user feedback, animations were blended together within the game engine where translation was applied, and, as such, artists couldn't build animations that gave the correct sense of movement. The IK system allowed them to set up elements of the characters, such as ears, tails, or chains, that were controlled at runtime, and moved with the physics. This tied the characters better to the world they existed in.
  • Created a collision system for characters that was based on solid objects such as balls, cylinders, cones, cubes, and planes. This was used for all character-to-world collisions, and was implemented from building objects in Maya through to in-game runtime collisions.
  • Implemented a script-based AI system that allowed designers to place characters in the game that would battle the user based on an intelligence system that allowed the designer to craft the behavior of the AI based on the user inputs, as well as parameters to tune their difficulty.

Idol Minds was a game-development company based in Louisville Colorado, that produced titles mainly for Sony PlayStation architectures. I worked on several games developed for the PlayStation 2. While there, I worked as a physics, animation, and gameplay programmer, and eventually took over the animation pipeline.